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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Justified Killings

I came across this article while surfing for fairly mainstream Porn and it kinda killed the mood. Total deflatio (for the Urban Dictionary definition, supplied by Moi of course, click here).

Anyway, as I see it, there are three groups of 30 people who should just be fucking killed for these frivolous lawsuits taking up time and taxpayer's money in our courts.

1: The people who filed these lawsuits. They are the perfect example of mollycoddled little jizz-dribbles who are ruining this once-great nation. They have absolutely no sense of personal responsibility and contribute nothing to society and should therefore be culled from the herd. How far can we lower the bar, people?

2: Any and all lawyers who told these whiny little festering cunts that they even have a basis for a lawsuit. This is what happens when lawyers make the laws in this country, the only people served by these laws are the ones who will profit from them. Someone needs to grow a set of fucking balls and do something to put this sort of shit to an end.

3: The judges who agreed to hear these cases with a fucking straight face. Just once I'd like to see a judge make a meaningful stand for something besides their personal religious beliefs. All they have to do is dismiss cases like this out of hand, and maybe charge plaintiffs and lawyers with contempt of court, with some stiff fines involved, and these ridiculous suits will disappear. As soon as they're not profitable, lawyers won't touch them.


Fruitloop said...

Sounds like they'd definitely be justified killings. Great logic.
And deflatio, that's FUNNY!

Uncle Butch said...

Thanks! If someone would just realize how fucking stupid this all is, we'd all be better off.