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Friday, August 3, 2007

Doing your part

Here's the thing, "good enough" usually isn't. When you are doing a job for someone, do you do a "good enough" job or do you really try to give them more than they expected? Do they have to watch over your progress to make sure you're not cutting corners? Do you do it "right" the first time? Think about it, say you're installing a screen door. Do you make sure all your measurements are accurate, all parts that will be attached are level, plumb and true? Or do you smack that baby up with a couple of nails and hope for the best? Try this next time, look at the job you just did and ask yourself, "Would I be happy if I were paying someone else for this work?" If your answer is anything but "Yes," you're doing something wrong. Usually there are three aspects to any job: cost, accuracy and speed. When you combine two of these it will be at the cost of the third, i.e., if you want something to be well-made and inexpensive, it will take a long time to produce. If you want something well-made in a short time, it's gonna be expensive. You get the picture.
So that's my thought for the day, "good enough" is a punchline, not a viable work ethic.

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