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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Islam is a Religion of Peace, Just Like a Crackhead Would Be an Excellent Babysitter

I am so fucking sick of hearing every fascist, limp-dick, mysogonistic closet homosexual saying their religion preaches peace and tolerance just hours after someone blows up a restaurant, bus stop, abortion clinic or shopping center in the name of their imaginary friend, or his son, cousin, gardener, etc. Fuck them.
It should have been a dead giveaway almost 20 years ago when islamofascists decided Salmon Rushdie deserved to die for writing The Satanic Verses, which is the islamic equivalent to the Apocrypha in the judeo-xian religion. Basically it's a bunch of text that was edited out of their holy book by some ancient asshole who thought islam was too liberal and allowed too much free thought. Since nobody did anything about islam then, it has gotten totally out of hand now. Don't take my word for it, read about what Denmark is facing from islamic immigrants.
They laud the efforts of terrorists who indescriminately kill women and children, but go totally batshit crazy because someone draws a cartoon that basically calls them out on this issue. Or when a teacher asks her class to offer a name for a fucking stuffed animal and they come up with Mohammed. To call for this woman's death for giving a toy a name is so disproportional to the perceived offense defies any explanation.
Then there's Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a female author who lives under constant threat of death for making a stand that someone should have made almost a generation ago. She had the audacity to think that women should be treated like people! God fucking forbid. Next she'll want women to be able to dictate the course of their own lives! You can make donations to help pay for her rather expensive security measures, which she is currently under 24/7, by following this link.
Not to make light of their horrid treatment, but I think I would rather have been a Jew during the Holocaust than a woman in an islamic country today. I can't understand how people can use religion to justify such disgraceful treatment of another human being. I also can't understand how anyone anywhere can tolerate or excuse this kind of shit, especially in supposedly "enlightened" societies.
If I have offended anyone of the islamic faith, tough shit. If you don't want to be called assholes, then stop acting like assholes, assholes.
And all you right-wing Neo-Nazi xians out there, you're no fucking better, so wipe that sanctimonious smirk off your face before I pistol-whip you into adult diapers, you hypocritical cocksuckers.

1 comment:

kellym78 said...

Just saw this post in google (inbound links and stuff- ya know). It always makes me smile to see somebody else who has the balls to say what everybody else is too afraid to announce publicly. Good job, albeit a tad belated.

-Kelly O'Connor