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Monday, June 8, 2009

Gays Are the New "Coloreds"

Well, well, it seems that the Neo-Nazi religious fanatics in this country have found themselves a whole new group of people to subjugate, and apparently the Supreme Court in the People's Republic of Kalifornia think it's just A-OK with them. I'm talking about Prop 8, of course, the bill that basically states that homosexuals are second-class citizens.
Think that's over-simplified? Think of it this way: separate is NEVER equal. To "allow" LGBT couples to form "civil unions" is the worst kind of Orwellian Doublespeak bullshit spouted by people who don't have the balls to speak the truth.
That truth, as I see it, is that elected officials would rather discriminate against the LGBT community than upset the semi-literate, jackbooted, bible-thumping religious fanatic members of their constituency. They say it's to protect the "sacred nature" of marriage. I call mega-bullshit on that. If marriage were so fucking sacred, divorce would be illegal, and how many elected officials would sign their name to that piece of legislature, honestly?
These are the same types who passed the notorious Jim Crow laws so they could keep all those recently freed slaves "in their place." They also tried to ban interracial marriage, and used the same tired bullshit to justify it then as they are using now.
You think that's not a legitimate comparison? Ask any schoolkid if they'd rather be Black or Gay for a day at school.... Sure, the cops aren't using fire hoses or attack dogs on them, yet.
Look, I don't want to minimize the Civil Rights movement from the 60s, because I remember seeing how awful that shit was on the news. All I'm saying is that in a modern society what's good for one is good for all, you can't pick and choose who gets to exercise their rights & who has to sit in the middle & suck on it. You also can't legislate morality, nor should you even try. Marriage is sacred? According to whom? Certainly not any of the Abrahamic religions, whose founding namesake married his own sister, who also gave him a green light to bang the help. Too bad hypocrisy isn't physically painful...
And all you "people of color" who voted to support Prop 8 should be ashamed of yourselves, because I guarantee there were gays marching to support your rights 40 some years ago, so fuck you.
Don't you think they're entitled to the same chance at happiness as everyone else?

I'll tell you this much, I'd give a gay man my last dollar before I'd piss in a bible-thumper's sucking chest wound, because I know the gay man would never try to cram his belief system or lifestyle down my throat, or up my ass, or....fuck it, find your own analogy. At least all the gay men I've known never found a compulsion to try to convert me, or worse, judge me.
To all you Nazi pricks trying to hide behind your Stone Age dogma just so you can feel superior to someone, try a new experience, try minding your own fucking business & not telling other people how to live, at least until you're as perfect as you think you are. And to all you religious organizations out there: if you want to chime in on political issues, pay for the right like the rest of us, pay taxes or shut the ever-loving fuck up. Stay out of politics & stick to what you know: selling salvation to a gullible flock of morons, polygamy and child molestation.


Tiffany said...

Separate is NEVER equal. I wholeheartedly agree.

Speak the truth, Uncle Butchy. No one does it quite like you.

You've got style and an angry grip on the English language. I love it.

Shelley said...

Amen, brotha. I love the picture, by the way - of the two women kissing and flipping off the ripped guy with the sign. Next time, more focus on the ripped guy, okies? That's for us straight wimmin who like to see such things. ;)

erk said...

I love your blog not least because you have in your list of labels "semantics" and "lazy motherfuckers". Found you through your wife's blog... good stuff all around!

Uncle Butch said...

Thanks all! I was going to call this "Gays Are the New Niggers" but I didn't want to be inflammatory. ;)