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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Most Patriotic Design You'll See on the 4th of July

Here's likely the most honest and straight forward design you will see while celebrating "Independence Day" in 2009.
Consider this: The average American household has about $8k just in credit card debt, and the national average interest rate is somewhere north of 17%. Do the math & see how fucked almost everyone is.
That's just credit cards, too, that doesn't include that $56k Slow Useless Vehicle you just had to have to impress those asshole neighbors you can't stand, just to rub their noses in it. Good job, Dicktard, that mountain of debt will show them you're no one to be trifled with....
Not to mention the overvalued house you "bought" with a subprime mortgage. How else could you afford a $250k home on thirty grand a year? Guess what? You can't, Dumbass! Now that your payments have tripled, you're crying "foul" because you signed something without reading it, or if you read it, you certainly didn't understand it. And since this is America, it's always someone else's fault, because it most certainly isn't yours.


deletedsoul said...

Butch, you hit on a subject that is truly one of my biggest pet peeves - the complete and utter financial irresponsibility of people in general.

I see people every single day who really do not seem to understand the concept that you shouldn't rack up so many bills that every fucking penny you make is spoken for. I can understand it being difficult to make ends meet - I've been there. However, I see people who really do not seem to give a flying fuck about improving their situation at all. They would much rather piss and moan, and like you said, blame everyone but themselves for their fuck ups. I've made plenty of financial mistakes, but they are my own mistakes for the most part, and no one is to blame but myself when I forget a bill or mail something to the wrong address.

My favorite one, I believe, is bitching about overdraft fees. I have lost count of the times friends, family, customers and coworkers of mine have complained to high heaven about pricey overdraft fees from their bank. They just cannot seem to FATHOM why the bank would dare charge so much. Apparently, they cannot understand that when a person is to goddamned financially irresponsible to avoid spending every fucking dime in their account - repeatedly, the bank has to spend their own money to pay for all their unnecessary shit.

If a person will not take the time to work out their budget, and make even a tiny fucking effort to not be a complete fucktard about money, then they better expect one iota of sympathy from me, because I have none.

Jenny Lutes said...

Good one, Butchy! You gave me a hearty chuckle!

Uncle Butch said...
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Uncle Butch said...

Deletedsoul, I agree, but it's not just financial responsibility, it's accountability for anything. You know those little "safety" guards on disposable lighters? Those are there because parents don't teach their kids about cause & effect. Same goes for every idiotic warning label that just make me roll my eyes reflexively.

Uncle Butch said...

Jenny, thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

deletedsoul said...

Right on the money, Butch. There are things I see and deal with every day that make it abundantly clear that no one wants to take responsibility for anything that do, period.

Take television or internet censorship, for instance. The "concerned parents" and fundies of this country are constantly crying about the inappropriate or unsafe content on television, on the internet, in music, etc. Why? Because they want to government, or anyone but themselves to be responsible for making sure their children do not see something bad. They want to be able to plop their spawn in front of whatever electronic babysitter they choose and never have to worry about the content, and certainly never have to moderate or review what their children are doing. Eventually, when their children grow up to be assholes, they can blame the media, the music, the video games and violence on television for their own downfall as a parent.

Pisses me off to no end.

I have worked many years in call-center type customer service. I wish I had a dollar for every time some idiot demanded that we pay for his overdraft fees because he didn't have money in his account when his payment was processed. People screw up their account numbers, fuck up their equipment, forget to make a payment or just plain refuse to accept that as a company, we have policies that we have to adhere to. Of course, nothing is ever the end user's fault - we are always just being mean to them because we feel like it.